Kaitlin Hawayek & Jean-Luc Baker

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Top 10 favourite pieces of music from the rhythmic or artistic gymnasts

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it was so hard!!! i picked my favourite gymnasts and wrote down two favourite pieces of music they used per each of them (which was still hard!). no gala music here. i’m not sure it’s really my top 10 but it’s close to that. oh and don’t even ask for the exact order! sorting by seasons:

  1. One Man’s Dream (Vitrychenko: ribbon 1997-98, Miteva: ribbon 2009, probably someone else, as it’s quite famous)
  2. Heat Miser (Yerofeeva: ball 1999, Maksymenko: ball 2009)
  3. Apassionata (Vitrychenko: ball 1999-2000, also could’ve been used by someone else too but how can you compete with this masterpiece)
  4. Spring Love (Yerofeeva: ball 2002-03)
  5. Avrora (Bessonova: hoop 2007-08)
  6. Le Rêve (Bessonova: ball 2009)
  7. Horchat Hai Caliptus (Miteva: rope 2009)
  8. Desert / Tristan and Iseult (Maksymenko: ball 2010, Kanaeva hoop 2008, and someone else i can’t remeber rn)
  9. Hand in Hand (Miteva: ball 2011)
  10. Archangel (Maksymenko: hoop 2012)

i don’t know who’s already done this sooo:

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Roger and Moët & Chandon, 2014

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Happy Birthday Alexandra Paul!

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If you picked someone out of those three guys [Rafa, Novak, Andy], who would you be closest to?

Roger Federer:
Well, I've done the most with Rafa and lived the most with him. I've gone to dinner with him and I know his mum and dad and his sister - I kind of know his family the best as well so, yeah, our rivalry goes further back than the one I have with Novak or Andy and for that reason I probably feel closest and more connected to Rafa, for sure.


Serena Williams at the Delta OPEN Mic event in New York City, NY, 20.08.2014

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10 Day Gymnastics Screencap/GIF Challenge - Day 5
Skill You Wish You Could Do : Backscale Pivot

Backscale pivots are a pivot in which you lean back until you touch your head to back of your turning leg while you free leg remains in a split position above the rest of your body. Backscale pivots require a lot of back flexibility, making them hard for gymnasts who don’t have a lot of flexibility in their back. They can be done several different ways. The most popular is from a sitting position on the ground, from which the gymnast pushes off the ground into the correct position of the pivot. Another way, made popular by Russian gymnast Alina Kabaeva, and demonstrated by Anna Bessonova in the 3rd GIF, is from a standing position, the gymnast pushes off with her free leg and uses the momentum to go into the correct position. Another way, as demonstrated by Aliya Garaeva in 4th GIF right side, is from a pencheé position, the gymnast twists her body so that the back of her head touches the back of her leg in the correct position. Another way, made popular in the last Code, is to start from a fish scale, as Daria Kondakova is in the last GIF, bending back into backscale and using the movement of her upper body and going on the ball of her foot in releve to propel her into the pivot.

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