Alina Maksymenko || Best Routines Masterpost
Freehands at Ukr Nats - Apparition (from “Furia”)
Ribbon at WC - El Tango De Roxanne (from “Moulin Rouge”)
Ball at EC - Heat Miser
Hoop at World Games - Nyah and Ethan / La Cavalera (from “Mission Impossible” and “Frida”)
EX at Serie A - Heat Miser (Version 1)
Ribbon at WC - In The Mood / The Boogie Bumper
Ball at Pesaro WC - Desert / Tristan & Iseult
Rope at WC - Mr and Mrs Smith
Clubs at WC - No hay problema
Ribbon at WC - Espana Cani
Ball at WC - Private Investigations
Hoop at WC - Technologicque Park (from “XXX”)
Freehands at Ukrainian Cup - Сложно
EX at Rhythmic All Stars - Fleur Blanche / Strict Machine
EX at New Year’s Celebration in Zaporizhia - Обнимая лето за талию
Clubs at OG - Tamacun / Diablo Rojo
Ribbon at OG - Asturias
Ball at D-Cup - Mission Impossible
Hoop at OG - Archangel
EX at D-Cup - Marry The Night
EX at Rhythmic All Stars - Love The Way You Lie
EX at Euskalgym - Diles
Clubs at WC - Fever
Ribbon at Universiade - Drums Of The World / Madou Djembe
Ball 1 at Lisbon WC - Mr & Mrs Smith
Ball 2 at WC - Gratta Keka
Hoop at WC - Taken
Rope at Ukrainian Cup - Smereka / Richenka
Freehands at Ukrainian Cup - Нежность
EX at Rhythmic All Stars - Lovesong
EX at WC - Сіла птаха
EX at Euskalgym - Llorando
EX at Gran Gala Virtus Gallarate - Vivo Per Lei
EX at Gran Gala Virtus Gallarate - Heat Miser (Version 2)
EX at Gran Gala Virtus Gallarate - Bust Your Windows
EX at Gran Gala Virtus Gallarate - Помню

Only individual routines from Alina’s RG career are included.
Any suggestions about adding your favourite routines I missed are appreciated (especially if your suggestions go in package with the links). Same for finding any errors and dead links in the post. Let me know if some information is wrong.

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